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Audi RS6

What is Remapping?

Remapping is a process of altering your car engine’s computer, which is better known as an engine control unit (ECU)… We download the original software & make a copy. We then adjust different elements to allow for more performance and/or fuel economy.

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Unleash your vehicles potential...

The maps we offer achieve the maximum levels of performance & efficiency, without compromising on reliability. Unlike many others, we are truly independent and have invested thousands into our equipment, software & file development. We are proud to be working alongside some of the best tuners in Europe to provide customers and dealers the highest quality software.


Why do i need this?

To cater for a wide audience across multiple countries with various different grades of fuel, manufacturers tone down the power output of vehicles from the factory. If you’re looking to unleash your vehicles potential then look no further.


Can you do motorway maps?

Of course. Our selection of Economy remaps for both cars & vans are specifically designed to not only provide less pitstops but also save you money. This is a fantasic option for fleet vehicles and motorway commuters alike.

Options & Extras

Stage 1 | 2 remaps

Tuning at a location that suits you.Gone are the days of driving hours to a garage. We can meet you at your home or work to install your map of choice...

DSG Shift Maps

Our shift maps balance the harmony between your DSG gearbox & your ECU giving you up to 60% faster shift times.

Eco Maps

Our selection of Economy remaps for both cars & vans are specifically designed to not only provide less pitstops but also save you money.

Group Bookings

The more the merrier. Call to discuss discounts on group bookings.

Optional Extra: EGR Removal

An EGR valve was designed to reduce vehicle's exhaust emissions however, these can sometimes get stuck. Removal of the EGR allows a vehicle's engine to run at cooler temperatures.

Optional Extra: Speed Limit Removal

Most manufactures such as BMW, Ford, Audi, set speed limiters to the vehicles in order to maintain the life of the engine. We can remove these limiters by communicating with the ECU via the OBD port.

Optional Extra: DPF Removal

Over time, the DPF (diesel particulate filter) can suffer from burnt compacted carbon emissions. This causes a reduction in performance and also puts extra strain on your engine.

Note: This service is for off-road cars ONLY!

Optional Extra: Adblue Removal

The AdBlue and SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction) system is a complex system with a mulitude of modules & sensors. Over time these sensors & systems can fail which could leave you stranded. Contact us to see how we can help.

Remap Stats

Remap Enquiry

Increased BHP / Torque / MPG, From Power to Economy maps, EGR & DPF Deletes, Speed Limit removal.

Maximum power on petrol and diesel engines. Designed to fully unlock the full potential of your engine.

  • Our Power Calibration can be programmed on both petrol and diesel vehicles

  • Calibrating the engine to enhance the true torque and power to its full potential

  • Tow extra heavy loads, optimise acceleration & experience a wider torque window

Maximum economy on turbo diesel engines only. Designed to return an improved economy in turbo diesel engines.

  • Calibrating the engines software torque limiters will improve fuel economy in the lower RPM range

  • Encourage shifting up through the gearbox, to keep the engine running in the optimal window in the higher RPM range

  • Our economy calibration is a popular choice for large fleet owners. Vehicle MPG improvement counts on the bottom line profit

Economy and Performance or a mix of the two in a blended remap is the No.1 choice for getting the best out of your car’s engine. Why pay more for fuel than you need to? Using the latest technology, our experts can re-tune your engine so you save up to 15% on fuel.

And why settle for lower performance than your engine was designed for? Our process can boost your car’s performance by up to 35%.

You can rest assured that you are in safe hands. We will restore the original settings of your engine if you are in any way unhappy with your retune

For an instant quote and to find out the options available for your make and model, simply call or message us today

? Increased low down power
? Reduced turbo lag
? Wider power band
? Sharper throttle response
? Up to 15% fuel saving
? Up to 35% increase in performance

Plus EGR and DPF deletes, Speed limit removal, AD blue delete!

Why You Should Choose our Remapping service for your vehicle

A True Remapping Service

We provide a “remap” file that’s unique to your vehicle. With a “remap”, no parts are added or removed from your vehicle – we simply optimize parameters of the ECU. We do not “remap” by providing an external plug-in box.

Professionally Developed Maps

All of our maps are individually developed for every single vehicle. We do not supply a “one map fits all” solution.

Accredited Dealer Network around the UK

The process of installing a new map takes only a few minutes using our system. Your vehicle can be remapped by one of our accredited dealers local to you

Lifetime Software Warranty

All files carry a lifetime warranty and we always safeguard original vehicle data. We can reinstate an original factory map if this is ever required.